Booksellers, stores and publishers are invited to book retail stands at the The Cape Town Book Sale (CTBS) before 31 May 2017. The Cape Town Book Sale will be a consumer event, run under the auspices of The South African Booksellers Association. At Cape Town’s ‘FIRST’ Book Sale a large number of local bookshops will all be under one roof at one time with the sole objective of selling a huge selection of multilingual, multi-cultural books that will appeal to all book lovers, at the lowest prices available in Cape Town to the general public.  On offer at retail stands will be amongst others: popular fiction/non-fiction; hardcovers/paperbacks; English/ Afrikaans/Other languages; Academic; Christian and Children’ books.


15th June                                                8am to 5pm                          Sale Displays set-up
16th June                                                9am to 10 pm                       Sale
17th June                                                9am to 10 pm                       Sale
18th June                                                9am to 10 pm                       Sale
19th June                                                8am to 5pm                          Sale

Displays break-down

Retail Stands

The sale will be on the ground and upper floor of The Avenue, V&A Waterfront with floor displays of 550 mm wide x 1,8m in length sold in various configurations.  A limited number of complimentary tables will be provided by the venue on a first come first served basis. Each display configuration will be supplied with a 15 amp plug point.

All display fees of one 550 mm wide x 1.8m table include one stand representative’s attendance to the Sale Area.

Display Space


Cost per Display


1 to 5 displays 2850 ea
6  to 10 displays 2750 ea
11 to 30 displays 2650 ea
31 < displays 2550 ea


Choosing Your Retail Stand

Please study the below display floor layouts carefully, before making your display configuration choice/s then please fill in the attached form and send it to   If you are unable to view the display numbers please contact us and we will send you a PDF version. Once you have been allocated a display configuration, and made payment your booking will be confirmed and you will be sent a comprehensive Display Manual which will provide the necessary guidelines and general terms and conditions.


Please contact Paul Lowenthal on 082 561 0566, for your extra stand requirements, e.g. additional plugs,  lighting etc.

Critical Dates

Display Sales Opens                                            13 March 2017
Display Sales Closes                                             31 May 2017

Download the Floor Plans here

Display Payment

You will be sent an invoice once your application form has been received.  No credit card payments will be accepted. Kindly note your booking is not confirmed until payment reflects in our bank account.  Deposits are payable to:

South African Booksellers Association
Sanbel Branch
Branch Code: 523 410
Account No: 405 742 3849

Please fax a copy of your deposit slip to the CTBS on Int. Fax: +27 21 6717670/086 692 7220 or email it to

Correspondence & Enquiries:

Cape Town Book Sale
Int. Tel: +27 21 671 7670
Int. Fax: +27 21 671 7670/086 692 7220
Contact Person: Lesley Ferreira